Advantages of Bulk SMS Marketing


There’s no doubt that SMS is the fastest and most modern method to market your business. Many people still believe that only certain kinds of business can use bulk SMS services. Some are afraid that SMS marketing can seem intrusive, so they don’t believe in the general idea of SMS marketing. This isn’t true, however. All kinds of businesses can use bulk SMS services. Here are some advantages of marketing your business via bulk SMS.


Text messages are read at a faster rate than emails or social media posts because the latter two can’t be accessed without internet connection. Since there’s a reply option, the prospective customer can also respond faster. Bearing this in mind, to make sure that most clients read your messages, go for mobivate SMS marketing.


One of the best news about bulk SMS is that it’s a very reliable marketing strategy. With bulk SMS, you can ensure that your clients will read anything you send them. This is unlike emails, which sometimes can be lost in the spam folder. Or marketing through the phone where the client often hangs up before they receive your message.

Cheaper and high ROI

Many small and medium-sized businesses can’t afford the cost of conventional advertising like commercials, newspaper ads, TV and radio ads, etc. In contrast, bulk sms services require less set up and running expenses. Campaigns may be initiated and run quite cheaply but you can reach up to 1000 customers in a few seconds.

Easy to understand

A text message differs from an essay. It should be brief, accurate and meaningful. One SMS has 160 characters, so make sure to use it well. As text messages are usually shorter than emails, customers choose them over emails.

Highly targeted

Businesspersons and marketing executives used to send marketing messages at random, hoping they’d reach their target market. Well, those days are firmly behind us. It’s important for businesses to ensure they send highly targeted messages as much as they can. With bulk SMS, you have to get permission from your current and potential clients. This means they’ll get  and welcome your texts, which will only increase conversion rates.

Saves money

Time is money, as they say. Bulk SMS marketing does save lots of time, which may result in significant money savings.  By scheduling text message marketing components, you can arrange your SMS marketing campaign for future dates. This is a good way to efficiently manage your time.

Less labor requirements

As you can do SMS marketing with only a few words, you don’t have to hire many people. Even one or two people are enough to do this job; one will send the messages while the other will recheck them.


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